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Orange Cookies by Superior Extracts

Orange Cookies | Live Hash Rosin The Superior | The Superior Dispensary The Superior Dispensary has become my go to Dispensary for quality solventless products. I have always been a fan due to their in-house production of traditional hash such as beach sand, pressed and temple ball hash. The Hash Rosins and full melts have been what I have really been impressed by lately and this Orange Cookies was more than impressive. The smell was pure citrus and sweetness like a …

Hatch Green Chili Verde Hash Infused Salsa by Superior Extracts

Hatch Green Chili Verde | Hash Infused Salsa, 100mg THC Superior Extracts | The Superior Dispensary Oh man you guys are really in for a tasty treat with this one. It’s not often you get a lot of options with edibles that aren’t some type of candy or sweet snack so to see this being a new product I was definitely excited to try it and I was not disappointed one bit. The flavor of this Salsa was phenomenal. Not very …

DR. Gonzo x Crunch Berries Hash Infused Pre-roll by Superior Extracts

DR. Gonzo x Crunch Berries | Hash Infused Pre-roll Superior Extracts | The Superior Dispensary Do you enjoy a pre-roll with an extra kick but find that ones with wax may run or drip or just not hit right. Well the folks over at The Superior Dispensary have a solution for your problem with these hash infused pre-rolls. This particular cone contained Dr. Gonzo flower with Crunch Berries beach sand hash. The consistency and dryness of the hash allows the joint …

Pie Hoe Full Spectrum Live Hash Rosin by Superior Extracts

Pie Hoe | Full Spec Live Hash Rosin Superior Extracts | Where: The Superior Dispensary Man this Pie Hoe sure did surprise me. Most full spec rosins are a bit darker and harsher but this one was stinky,flavorful and potent. The smell was sweet and floral like a rose dipped in a strawberry candy. The flavor was a bit more earthy but still a very strong sweet taste. The effects are strong but well balanced. I find this rosin is an …

Grease Monkey Solventless THCA Diamond & Sauce by Superior Extracts

Grease Monkey | Solventless THCA Diamond & Sauce Superior Extracts | Where: The Superior Dispensary Well the presentation on this one is neat and it’s cool to see them playing around with their Sauce a bit. This particular sample is solventless THCA molded into a Diamond shape with Grease Monkey High Terpene Extract Sauce poured over it creating a potent yet flavorful experience to please both the mind and palate. The Grease Monkey reeked of gas with a hint of earth …

Snoop Dawg Full Spec Hash Rosin by Superior Extracts

Snoop Dawg | Full Spec Hash Rosin Superior Extracts | Where: The Superior Dispensary A full spectrum rosin is made by using more varying sizes of microns to get a broader spectrum of cannabinoids which ultimately leads to more flavor and cannabinoids. Getting more of these cannabinoids will lead to more of the entourage effect. Some of these FS rosin may contain more fats and lipids which can make for a harsher hit and darker melt. This Snoop Dawg was …

Things you didn’t know you could do with Kief

Cannabis buds and leaves are covered in tiny crystals known as "trichomes" once they're ready for harvesting. The only way to see them is with a magnifying glass. It has a hazy appearance and resembles little mushrooms when it is fully grown. Among the cannabinoids and terpenes present are the THC that you have been eagerly anticipating. The substance known as kief is formed when trichomes dry out. Kief is a sought-after drug because of its potency. THC content in …

What States Legalized Cannabis?

A significant majority of American states have legalized medicinal marijuana. Meanwhile, the number of states that permit recreational cannabis grows annually. The nation’s northern neighbor, Canada, fully legalized weed in October 2018, and it is likely that Mexico, to the south, will also allow fully legal marijuana sooner rather than later. The pressure is mounting on the American government to end more than 80 years of prohibition, but successive administrations have resisted calls to make the change. However, if you live …

Candidates for the First Time in Congress Running on a Pro-Pot Agenda

With a few notable exceptions, it's no secret that Democrats in Congress have taken the lead on the path to federal cannabis legalization. The Marijuana Opportunity, Reinvestment, and Expungement (MORE) Act, a bill to legalize and regulate cannabis at the federal level, was passed by the Democratic-majority House of Representatives in 2020, but it did not receive Senate support. Democrats in the House of Representatives have also pushed for cannabis reform, with New York Senator Chuck Schumer introducing a draft …


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