Live Resin Ice Hash

1/2 g $251 g $50

There are many forms of high quality hash available today, but none match the quality and purity of live resin. This fresh frozen ice hash is completely non-solvent and made in small batches to ensure the live terpenes from the starting material are preserved. This creates a smooth, flavorful hash that melts and vaporizes instead of burning. For connoisseurs seeking the purest non-solvent experience, our live resin ice hash provides the power and flavor necessary to impress.

Hash making has been around for thousands of years but has not seen much mainstream interest as of late. This is largely due to the advent of butane hash oil and other extracts only obtainable with modern equipment. In recent years, concentrates made without the use of toxic solvents have piqued the interest of cannabis connoisseurs throughout the country. A resurgence of old-school methods combined with modern techniques is creating new forms of hash seemingly almost every year.

Hash at Superior is made from our in-house flower. The strains are always rotating and the finished product is always evolving. We even create blends to achieve a desired effect. Our selection ranges from old-school beach sand and pressed hashes all the way up to full melt live resin ice hash. In all cases our hash is always made 100% non-solvent, guaranteeing