Our Mission

We are an Arizona state licensed medical marijuana dispensary originally located in the historic mining town of Superior, Arizona. After four years of serving the local community and surrounding areas, we decided to relocate to Phoenix in order to grow and better serve the patients of the great state of Arizona.

Our new facilities are located at 211 South 57th Drive, Phoenix, AZ 85043. Over the course of the next year we will continue to expand our growing, processing, infusion, and extraction facilities. We will also begin to offer delivery services to our outlying patients, all while offering Superior service to every single patient in need.

We strive to provide the patients of Arizona with the best service and advice possible. We joyfully assist our patients select the right medicine for their needs while providing a quality connection that you will not find anywhere else. Our honest and welcoming team is happy to show any new patient the Superior path.

The Superior Dispensary – Home of the 6th “C” – Arizona’s Finest Cannabis

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